» Central Greece
Central Greece and particularly Athens, the capital of all country, with the admirable culture and the infrequent authenticity, constituted the beginning of European and World culture. Greece gave the "Lights" in all the remained populations for the creation of this world where we live today. It includes the prefectures: Aitoloakarnania, Attiki, Viotia, Evia, Evritania, Fthiotida, Fokida.

Here exist many sights, museums, monuments and admirable works. There are also, beaches and many things in order to fill creatively your time, such as shops with clothes and other luxurious shops, bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

Akropoli and its admirable monuments, (the marbles of Parthenona or elginia marbles) today are found in the museums of London. The refusal of England of course to return the monuments in the country where rightfully they belong, proves how much they believe that Greeks had and still produce culture, superior from them and also prove with their behavior the real value of Greeks, who are characterized from sincerity, respect and they have a peaceful and objective approach of things.

Also in the Panathinaikos Stage in Athens, were carried out the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

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