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Capital: Chalkida Population: 215.136 (2001) Distance from Athens: 90 km. Main areas are: Eretria, Karystos, Kimi, Pefki, Chalkida. For unforgettable holidays Evoia is the place which is the second largest island of Greece and at the location Evripos is less than a hundred metres away from the main land and makes it easy for cars to cross. Many Greek personalities favor Chalkida as their holiday resort. It is cosmopolitan and has great beaches for all tastes. The town hall is a place to visit on the waterfront and also the red house of Mallios family which was built in 1884 by the French architect Flegy. The archaeological museum has artifacts from all over the island of Evoia with rare findings. There are also the house with the statues and the Central Municipal Library. Eretria is a beautiful corner of Greece, a tourist attraction with clean wide streets, a glorious past and a vibrant future. It is located on South Evoia. It is known since ancient times and the forces of the city participated in the Trojan War. You must visit the ancient theater, the archaeological museum, t he temple of Dionysus, the ruins of the ancient acropolis and the roman baths. Also, the house of Kanaris built in 1847 and the Island of Dreams which connects with the city of Eretria with a small bridge. The municipality of Eretria has a hotel waiting for you and your friends.

Useful Telephone Numbers ( Calling Code For Greece 0030 ):
Chalkida Hospital 22210 21901
Chalkida Police Station 22210 22100
Chalkida Traffic Police 22210 22513
Chalkida Tourist Police 22210 77777
Chalkida Port 22210 28888
Karystos Health Center 22240 24001-2
Karystos Hospital 22240 22257
Karystos Police Station 22240 22262
Karystos Port 22240 22227
Aidipso Istaia Health Center of mineral baths 22260 53310-1
Police Station of Aidipso's Istaia mineral baths 22260 23333
Eretria Police Station 22290 64888
Eretria Port 22290 62201
Evia Tourist Information 22260 22304

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