» Macedonia
Macedonia has many natural beauties, calm landscape and continental climate. You might see here at your roaming castles, Byzantine churches, monasteries and virgin forests.

It includes the prefectures: Chalkidiki, Drama, Florina, Grevena, Imathia, Kastoria, Kavala, Kilkis, Kozani, Pella, Pieria, Serres, Thessaloniki.

In Macedonia is find also the second biggest city of Greece, the co-capital Thessaloniki. The "nimphi of Thermaikos" as differently is said, was built in 316 B.C. from Kassandro king.

Here exists Thasos, the "golden coast" of ancient times! There also many regions with monuments and important archaeological interest, as the Philippos of Kavala, Serres and the Amfipoli that was from the cities that flourished in the antiquity. Adorers of art may also wander in the churches, the castles and the various mansions that are saved still in Kastoria. Pisoderi and Prespes are two unique mountains that if you visit you will enjoy the magnificent beauty, the peacefulness and the charm that they offer, while they remain unforgettable in the sensitive friends of nature.

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