» Thessaly
The Greek mythology claims that many from the Olympian Gods have been given birth here. It characterizes these regions, paradise and it reports characteristically that the word paradise is not an excessive word for this place. It is truly so beautiful, as the poet says, and only one who can visit the place can answer this question.It includes the prefectures: Karditsa, Larisa, Magnisia, Trikala.

This region has been tested many times by its various conquerors and from the history that many times is not the besty ally.

Thessalia was finally blamed in the new independent Greek state, in 1881 apart from the Elassona. Afterwards the Balkan wars in 1912-13, all the regions of Thessalia had been released. The region passed also the big rural revolution in 1910 and the German possession, where it was also tested, particularly.

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